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Folio, Inc, in response to tremendous growth and the need to appeal to rapidly expanding market segments contracted G2D, a diverse creative force that understands the many unique aspects of the exhibit and marketing environment industry and their varied target markets, to conceptualize their approach and put this concept into words, images and motion.

The results of this effort can be summed up in this introduction to the Folio interactive CDROM.

“Images. Inventions. Dreams. Anecdotes. News. History. Ideas. Emotions. Instructions.

These are just a few of the items that may be inside a folio. They are also just a few of the elements that comprise a truly great company.

More than image, more than message, beyond brand and encompassing experience, fueled by the power and speed of modern media, a business is the composition of its history, its dreams, and its passions.

On this CD-ROM you'll discover where we've been and what we've done, but where we’re going is an entirely new journey.

The others who share this industry with us have centered their messages and positions around singular elements of the marketing process such as inspiration, experience, service, size, measurement, message or branding.

Folio is moving beyond these simplistic interpretations of your spirit, banding together all the elements of humanity’s most ancient, yet most compelling, art: storytelling.

Our story is to express your story in as many different forms as possible. With words, imagery, structure, entertainment, interactivity and experience. To do so in a manner that is cohesive and compelling. And to do so with the same passion, creativity and care that you yourself would invest.

Whether it’s creatively composing an image or message, sculpting an architectural structure, choreographing a promotion, or orchestrating an event, our future is to serve you by…

Expressing Your Story in Many Dimensions.”

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Experience a few samples of the G2D designed and developed interactive Folio Story Experience using the links above, or visit the complete site at:

To facilitate easy distribution of the Folio Story, G2D designed the same experience on CDROM, in Flash format for a multimedia internet experience, and in vanilla HTML for universal access.

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In a highly competitive effort to win ADP's exhibit program, Folio contracted G2D to help tap into ADP's new branding effort and devise a creative vehicle for communicating and presenting Folio's exhibit program proposal.

G2D and Folio worked together to build upon an established vocabulary of iconography, taglines, and overall feeling of the new ADP Dealer Services division. The Folio exhibit solution for ADP was essentially a vehicle for launching and mobilizing ADP's new messaging and recognition of their new brand campaign. Our task also included the need to clearly communicate a solution that extended beyond architecture into the essence of ADP's offerings within a tradeshow venue.

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As a gesture of appreciation to their key clients worldwide, Folio created a compilation of favorite recipes from Folio employees into a very unique 110-page cookbook. G2D designed the entire book: Cover, section dividers, inside pages and back cover. The result was a very successful book design that could be printed, fabricated and bound with a very modest budget.

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Ahead of Comdex 2000, G2D designed a two-part targeted postcard campaign and contest for Folio that visually and conceptually appealed to their target audience: high-tech tradeshow managers. G2D developed the concepts, graphics, and copy for this highly attractive promotion.

HENDRICKSON Extranet Site  | ..... 1 ..... 2
Part of 3D Online, 3D Exhibits’ client extranet system, the Hendrickson extranet was designed to share design and show information and maintain a complete, easy to reference inventory of Hendrickson properties.

FolioAdvisor - SIEMENS Client Site  | ..... 1 ..... 2 ..... 3 ..... 4
FolioAdvisor is a core, modular driven extranet system designed and developed by G2D that facilitates efficient information exchange between account team and client and automates several key aspects of the idea->implementation process.

This edition for Folio client Siemens also includes a completely customized exhibit ordering system and inventory description.

FolioAdvisor - VOLVO Client Site  | ..... 1
Another edition of FolioAdvisor for Folio client Volvo.

FolioAdvisor - MOTOROLA Client Site  | ..... 1 ..... 2 ..... 3
Another edition of FolioAdvisor for Folio client Motorola

FOUND EXHIBIT | ..... 1 ..... 2 ..... 3
A unique branding environment exhibit for Found, Inc., an innovative e-infrastructure technology solution provider. Important to Found was an exhibit that carried high visibility for their newly developed logo and color scheme. Our solution was to use architecture with generous curves allowing logo placement to be visible from almost any angle. The theater presentation is open and accessible from both sides of the exhibit. Structural coloration is purposely subdued allowing the Found logo and color scheme to have dominance.

CyberIQ Systems  | ..... 1 ..... 2
For CyberIQ’s branding debut within the tradeshow environment, G2D created a custom speaker support application using Flash technology. This application included complete navigation, a la Powerpoint, and a logo teaser loop for between presentations. You can view the complete presentation in auto pilot here.

The Phase 1 project is a perfect example of the efficacy of unified development. Where-by old school corporations will try, with varying success, to shoehorn their brand onto the web with modification, TechSpan developed a core set of graphic collateral that was deigned form the beginning to work equally well on the web and in print. [more]

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