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Motorola Consumer Electronics Show 2000 Concept
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G2D is very proud to announce the design and creative implementation of Motorola’s presence at the1999 Personal Communications Showcase. This brand new, 8,100 sq. ft., multi-branded marketing environment debuted in New Orleans on September 22 and serves as an excellent example of the power of G2D’s unified development process.

For the past year Motorola has been working to better define and target their customers by classifying their messages and product lines into solution and lifestyle based sub-brands. The challenge was to take this nascent branding effort and make it work cohesively within a brand new space. G2D was especially contracted by 3D Exhibits, Inc. to fulfill the unique and complex needs of this exhibit property.

To meet this challenge, G2D united many interesting and exciting design elements including themed, full-size, fully gestured, lifelike mannequin figures, a dramatic double-deck structure, extensive use of plasma A/V, and integrated NFL sponsorship.

Featured areas of the 8,100 sq./ft environment include:

- A double deck structure with V.I.P lounge and conference rooms.

- Products-by-lifestyle sub-branded areas

- Products-by-solution areas

- 16 unique hands-on product displays

The full-sized, fully gestured, lifelike mannequin figures depict the typical users of various Motorola products. For example, the Timeport sub-brand category is geared toward active, busy professionals that require time management tools as an integrated part of their professional lifestyle. Each mannequin is accompanied by propped shadowboxes, in this case containing travel and apparel items, professional leisure pieces, and appropriate magazines.

Rotating, metallic, life-sized figures stand over and welcome visitors to each sub-brand area. The figures are lit in theatrical style while dramatically angled video cameras direct images of the figures to LCD displays below solidifying the product to lifestyle connection. These mini environments were highly experiential and use museum-style communications to explore lifestyles, needs and product solutions.

The G2D designed thematic logo for the exhibit, 'Integrated Solutions for your world,' communicated Motorola’s directive to provide telecommunication solutions involving not only specific devices but also utilizing the integration of wireless internet technology.


Personal Communications Showcase '99
  New Orleans, LA

Contracted & Constructed by 3D Exhibits, Inc.

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